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Our mission is to free individuals from the cycle of crime and despair by providing them with holistic support after prison that generates hope, self-sufficiency, and connection to the community. 

Re-entry is not a program. It is a process, and The Way Home walks with you every step of the way. 

Delaware's Department of Corrections operates a unified correctional system that incarcerates approximately 6,400 offenders. DOC also supervises approximately 14,500 inmates. The annual cost of keeping one person in prison is approximately $36,000.

A large percentage of the formerly incarcerated are released with no arrangements for shelter, identification, food, clothing, employment, or other support. It's not a matter of if they will be released, but when and how we choose to deal with them. 

The Way Home's success is centered on early intervention and individual attention. Each journey is unique, and The Way Home ensures that the path to transitioning back into the community is filled with hope, dignity, and purpose. 

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