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Welcome to The Way Home Program: A path to freedom for ex-offenders in Delaware.


Who We Are

The Way Home, Inc. is a non-profit organization.

We are located at 7 S. King St, Room 9 in Georgetown, Delaware.

The Way Home meets former prisoners at the prison gates and the office door to provide connections with community, meet needs, and foster relationships that prevent return to prison.

The Way Home Article in Delawre Beach Life

The current edition of Delaware Beach Life has an excellent article about the Way Home program.  Here is a link to the article:

The Way Home Article


2012 Mid-Del Foundation Grants to Delaware Organizations

On November 19, 2012 at Harrington Casino, representatives from 35 Delaware organizations were awarded financial grants by the Mid-Del Charitable Foundation. Mr. Wallace along with the presiding officers and directors distributed grants to 35 organizations including The Way Home,  Funds will be used to support a case manager position. (More)

The Wood Cutting Video    

This video tells the story of Billy Johnson, a released prisoner on his way home, who is cutting and selling wood to make a living.

Hearing From A Way Home Staffer

 In this video Rick Chamberlain, Associate Director and caseworker at The Way Home, explains how the program relates to the prison system and locates eligible prisoners, then meets them at the gate when they are released.

Grateful for Finding The Way Home

In this video three former inmates give thanks for help they received from The Way Home


The Way Home Story

The Way Home Video

This video interview clients, relatives and program workers

Who We Serve

Although the majority of The Way Home’s participants are transitioning from prison to the Sussex County area, the program also provides limited assistance to ex-offenders who are relocating to other areas. Participants come to The Way Home by word of mouth, outreach by our program or referral from prison staff. Often, The Way Home meets with a prospective participant before their release and begins making plans for their transition to the community. We believe in and have witnessed the power of individuals to change, but also recognize that lasting change is a careful and lengthy process. Therefore, we offer our services for up to three years after release from prison and welcome participants to stay in contact beyond that time.

What We Offer

Once released, The Way Home provides participants with critical supplies and assists them with securing safe and stable housing. Case management services include job search assistance, transportation to probation and other necessary appointments, support groups, mentoring and referrals to various social services.

The Way Home, Inc. currently manages one transitional home for male ex-offenders in Millsboro, Delaware. We are hoping to open a second transitional home for men later this year. These homes provide a safe, suitable and comfortable place for a participant to live while they are making the transition back to the community. Volunteer house mentors assist with supervision and support, while The Way Home staff provide case management services.

Why Support Our Program?

Each year in Delaware, approximately 20,000 inmates are released from prison into the community. Of these 20,000 inmates, it is estimated that 1,200 have been incarcerated for at least one year. Delaware mirrors national statistics in that 98 percent of all inmates in the state will eventually be released. Many inmates are released without any money, housing, plans for employment and without a network of support. Many of those released have a 6th grade education, a substance abuse problem, are in poor health or are at high risk for disease. According to the Bureau of Labor, 35 percent of those released have work-impairing disabilities - including mental illness. The most recent statistics indicate that over 50 percent of those released would return to prison due to new offenses within three years. Research reported in the January 11, 2007 New England Journal of Medicine revealed that within the first two weeks of release from prison, ex-offenders re-entering the community die at a rate of 12 times that of other individuals. The leading causes of death were drug overdose, cardiovascular disease, homicide, and suicide.

Aside from the cost of crime to the community, Delaware taxpayers are also paying an annual cost of approximately $30,000 per year to house one inmate in prison. The Way Home Program provides case management services for a participant for approximately $5,000 per year, one-sixth of the cost of incarceration.

In 2006, the University of Delaware (UDE) released the results of a 5 year study that compared the recidivism rates of ex-offenders who participated in The Way Home with those who did not and found that The Way Home participants were less likely to return to prison, especially during the first year of release. In 2004, the recidivism rate for Way Home participants (10 percent) was approximately half that of Department of Correction’s clients (21 percent).

Historical Background

The Way Home grew out of a church-sponsored prison Bible study where volunteers realized the desperate needs of men who were being released from Sussex Correctional Institution and took action to make a difference. The program began formal operation in 1998 under Children and Families First. After the first year of operation, The Way Home then became affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware and in 2006 became an independent, non-denominational, non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.

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